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At RunRun Records you can also manage the printing of your cover, inserts, posters, lithography, stickers... We have a wide range of possibilities and options, so make sure you pleasures.

If you need a graphic designer, we can also put you in touch with service providers.


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our expertise

our expertise


The stages of production


This part is done in studio. This step enables to optimize music before it is engraved upon lacquer. Learn more about our tips for a high quality sound.

pre-mastering disc vinyl

Engraving the Master

That process enables to get the premium sound you want for your vinyls. Because we want to provide the highest quality, we only work with lacquer (we don't offer any Direct Metal Mastering).

engraving master vinyl run run records

Silvering Process

After that process, a "stamper" will be produced. It will be used as a mould for vinyls.

silverin disc vinyle run run records


That final step will enable the production of large quantity of vinyls.

vinyl pressing plant run run records

Quality check

We check the quality of every vinyl we press. We make sure that every center labels, every sleeves, and other material that we produce meet the quality that you are looking for. We check on sound's and vinyl quality as well. 

quality check vinyl pressing run run records

packing & shipping

We pack your vinyls according to premium standards. Our partner deliver worldwide in specific boxes that keep your vinyls unharmed.

packing shipping vinyl pressing run run records

12-weeks turnaround

Our factory is able to press your vinyls in a 12-weeks time.

We offer worldwide delivery.

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