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Outer Sleeve, for 1 record : 3 mm Spine

Download our specs for 140 grams vinyls.


Outer Sleeve, for 1 record : 4 mm Spine

Download our specs for 180 grams vinyls.


Double Pouch/Gatefold

Download the template for the double pocket / Gatefold


Center label

Download our specs for your center label.


Download our templates 

Our technical specifications

For successful printing, please follow our recommendations.

- Respect the recommended golden rule of the percentages of the quadri and never exceed 270%. The ideal is around 240%.

- For deep black at 100% depth, use only 50% cyan (100T, 50C). - White writing on black in 1 color, at most 2 colors (+ 50% C).

- The labels (buttons in the center of the disc) are subjected to high temperatures during manufacture, which can cause the colors to vary slightly, often by "yellowing" lighter colors.

- Once the visuals (cover, labels) have been placed in the templates provided by us, please check the presence of a bleed of at least 3mm. Be sure to vectorize the fonts

- Labels must not include cutting lines, drilling indications, markers, color charts or any other element not intended to be printed. Leave the visible visual in the inner circle of the washer (drilling area)

- Each label must be in a separate file. The name of the file must contain the words “label side A” and “label side B”

- Files must be transmitted in CMYK mode with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI in pixel/inch

- To send us the files, please indicate in the name of the file the title of the album and upload them on wetransfer.

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